Price List

Our pricing to clean each item is determined by the quality, convenience, and care our customers expect and deserve. We charge a fair price in relation to our cleaning standards, and unlike other dry cleaners, we do not have hidden upcharges for brands, fabrics, or sizes. In order to receive more value, we invite you to our loyalty program to get 10% off. Call us to learn more.

Item Starting at Loyalty Program effective price ***
Regular Men's Laundered Shirt $4.35 $3.92
Pants $10.45 $9.14
Shorts $8.90 $8.01
Blouse $10.45 $9.41
Dry Clean Shirt $10.45 $9.41
Pullover-Golf Shirt $7.50 $6.75
Suit (2 pc) $21.65 $19.49
Dress $17.45 $15.71
Skirt $10.45 $9.41
Wedding Gown $197.35 $177.62
Sweater $10.45 $9.41
Jacket $11.20 $10.08
Men's Shoe Shine $10.75 $9.68
Women's Shoe Shine $9.50 $8.55
1 Bag a Week $119 / month
2 Bags a Week $169 / month
3 Bags a Week $219 / month

What is our Loyalty Program?

 * When you join our loyalty program you get 10% off our regular pricing, free pick up and delivery, and more! It’s easy to sign up. Simply tell us you want to join us at your next drop off or give us a call!


In addition to laundry and dry cleaning, we also clean rugs, drapes, bedding, shoes, floor mats, purses, leather, and furs and preserve fine apparel.

At A Cleaner Image, you get so much more!

  • Get 10% Off regular pricing
  • Instant notifications when the order ready
  • Free Pick Up and Delivery

Frequently asked questions

The credit will be emailed to you. Then, you can print and drop it off with your order. Or, even just show the staff on your mobile device.


  • Note: Our system requires a barcode to apply your credit.

Soon! The credit is non-transferable. You must apply the credit to future orders. And, the credit expires 3 months after its issue date. Also, you must use the credit in single order.

Anyone who is part of our loyalty program or currently on  pick and delivery route with payment information on file are automatically eligible for credits.

By adding your email, you allow us  to communicate with you directly  about  the status of your laundry or dry cleaning order.

Also, our customer management system requires us to email your credit because redeeming the credit requires a barcode.

Lastly, by adding your payment information, you not only save time at the register, but also fewer people handle your card, making it a bit more sanitary.

Our commercial grade technology disinfects and sanitizes your everyday laundry like nothing you can get at home.


We remove stains, oils, odors and germs while retaining color, shape, size, texture and all the other things you love about brand new clothes.

It is fast and easy and with a 3 day turn around, your couch, dinner table or bedroom floor will never be piled with laundry again!


Laundry Service is also a great gift for college students, the elderly, new mothers, bereavement periods and times of sickness. Need to send laundry service to a loved on or a friend? Create an account on their behalf here.

The data is encrypted and tokenized using the latest security techniques. Also, A Cleaner Image only keeps a security token in its system and does not keep any credit card data. Thus, all credit card data is stored securely by our credit card processor.