Price List

Our pricing to clean each item is determined by the quality, convenience and care our customers expect and deserve. We charge a fair price in relation to our cleaning standards, and unlike most dry cleaners, we do not have hidden upcharges for brands, fabrics or sizes. In order to receive more value, we invite you to download the Cleaner Image Mobile App to redeem special App Only coupons; and make sure we have your email to ensure you receive our emailed offers.

What is our Loyalty Program?

When you join our loyalty program you get 10% off regular pricing, free pick up and delivery and more! It’s easy to sign up! Simply tell us you want to join at your next drop off.
Item Starting at Loyalty Program effective price ***
Regular Men's Laundered Shirt $4.15 $3.74
Pants $10.15 $9.14
Shorts $8.60 $7.74
Blouse $10.15 $9.14
Dry Clean Shirt $10.15 $9.14
Pullover-Golf Shirt $7.25 $6.53
Suit (2 pc) $21.00 $18.90
Dress $17.45 $15.71
Skirt $10.15 $9.14
Wedding Gown $191.60 $172.44
Sweater $10.15 $9.14
Jacket $10.85 $9.77
Men's Shoe Shine $10.30 $9.27
Women's Shoe Shine $9.10 $8.19
The Single - 1 Bag a Week $99 / month
The Double - 2 Bags a Week $149 / month
The Triple - 3 Bags a Week $199 / month